David Seagrave Talks About Walks He Has Created For Lonely People At Christmas

Dunfermline hills
Dunfermline hills

Through the years it has been a powerful experience knowing David Seagrave.  Since meeting him a number of years ago he has always been someone who is relentless in his creativity and drive to meet life with the best of his inspirations.  A prolific writer, photographer and thinker, there is not an aspect of his life he has not thought deeply about in each detail and aspect.


He has been an inspiration in challenging the conventions of society which get reinvented year after year surrounding how we collectively live.  Always having put thrift as a virtue, David has understood the interconnected nature of our lives and the limited resources of our planet.  Not only has he spent his life fixing and remaking what he has but also he has made his own clothes.


An unfortunate event in his life left him with only one leg.  Adapting to this life change with gusto he developed his own britches to hold his new prosthetic limb onto his body so he could walk the hills and moors which have brought him so much pleasure.  It is in these hills and natural places that he has found his meditative space; a space which he wants others to know the value of.


His passion for photography has taken him adventuring all over the world documenting classical views in his own unique style.  This style is a combination of his vision for beauty and meaning mixed with his innovation of the technical processes of photography.  No-one I have ever met has ventured so profoundly into experimenting with the chemical and physical processes of painting with light (photo-graphy) as David has.


Not everyone ‘gets’ all that David has to offer the world.  The world is often moving too quickly on it’s turbulent currents to slow long enough to listen to the patterns and textures which a creative mind like his brings together.  I have had the good fortune to spend time getting to familiarise myself with some of the intricacies of his grand work – an opus ever changing as the light of the world shifts.


I hope that this recording gives people a little chance to connect with the deep streams of thought which David is always embracing.  I enjoy the philosophical challenges which he offers us all and I enjoyed the hot chocolate and scones we had in the botanic gardens of Edinburgh.  David asked me to record him describing the walks he wants other people to know of with his aspiration that lonely people come together at Christmas.


I hope that you find something deep and meditative in what he is sharing as I have done and do…. Our world gets richer when we take the time to listen and share as David does.


Kind regards and good wishes to you all

Alex Dunedin


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