Education as Human Development

This expresses the philosophy of education underpinning the values of Ragged University. This thesis is an expanded version of a presentation originally given at the British Educational Research Association conference held in Liverpool John Moores University 8th November 2018 which spoke to the of ‘Transitions: Challenges, Threats & Opportunities across the Post-compulsory Sectors’.  Its original title […] Read more...

Action Research: Outputs, Outcomes and the Political Setting

What follows is the section of my action research project analysing the metrics and bureaucracies inserted into the support-need junctures which influence and determine the support which people receive from various organisations and support services.

Action Research: The Outcomes Star and Developing Novel Methodologies

What follows is the start of my action research project deconstructing of the Outcomes Star, a metric bureaucracy instated in various support-need junctures which the person receiving support has to fill in and go over with the person who is giving the support. This is one of various types of bureaucracy which people have to […] Read more...

Shared Anthropology, Corporate Parenting and Care Experience

This continues the presentation given by John Morrison exploring ‘Methodologies of Participation: Shared Anthropology, Corporate Parenting and Care Experience’. The first part contained an introduction to some of the themes and ideas which John explores and follows how he has laid out his PhD focusing on the participatory approach of Jean Rouch in Shared Anthropology.

Methodologies of Participation: Shared Anthropology by John Morrison

This article is the first part of ‘Methodologies of Participation: Shared Anthropology, Corporate Parenting and Care Experience by John Morrison. It includes an introduction, an audio recording and a transcript of John Morrison talking through methodologies of participation he is bringing together in his PhD which involve shared anthropology and ethnofiction.  In particular he is interested […] Read more...