Imagining Europe: Reclaiming Public Space; Democratic Practices Reinvented

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) invited people and communities to submit “innovative, daring idea’s” for cross-sectoral collaboration which engages Europeans in re-defining and shaping “public space”. I was informed about this and told that Ragged should be put forward as a project.

Podcast: Professor Virginia Eubanks Talks About Digital Deadends

“If we don’t want the information age to deliver widespread economic and political destruction, we must commit to including all citizens in a dialog about creating a just and equitable future.  In the end, our liberation is bound up in each other; we all sink or swim together.” Professor Virginia Eubanks wrote the book Digital […] Read more...

Adult Access to Learning Opportunities: A Digest

Adult access to learning opportunities is a growing issue as increasingly education becomes developed as a business which gates people from learning and development of skills in formal sectors. Lifelong learning has been recognised as playing an important role in the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Multimedia Learning suggested by Susan Brown

As part of the Ragged Library, Susan Brown – School of Education, University of Manchester suggested Mayer, R. (2009) Multimedia Learning: Second Edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press…

National Government and Education in the European Context

Although European systems of education share common traditions whose origins can be found in the theories of man, society and knowledge formulated by Greek Roman and Jewish philosophers, education was not mentioned in the 1957 Treaty of Rome which created the European Economic Community (EEC). The necessity of free movement of workers made it necessary […] Read more...