Ragged University as a Mode of Practice: Filter Bubbles and Distinguishing the Intellectual from the Political

The idea of education which I am examining in the model of Ragged University is in part an incidentalist one, in the meeting of the world. I am fiercely aware of the Filter Bubbles which structure our encounters with the world and others, particularly when we are acting in the digital realm which constitutes one of the main mediums of communication and organising. Read more…

30th July 2015: We Control You; The Psychology of Obedience and Authority By Prof Ray Miller

Stanley Milgrams experiment

Come along to The Counting House at 7pm to listen to Ray, share a crust of bread, and learn about control…


Title of talk:

“We control you: the Psychology of obedience and authority”
No. 6 in the series “What has Psychology ever done for us?”

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • Are we really in control of ourselves?
  • Are our decisions individual or the result of group norms and pressures?
  • Can we easily be convinced to behave in ways we might normally find unacceptable?
  • Is there a ‘demon’ inside us that has to be controlled by Society and Civilisation?
  • How influenced are we by conformity, obedience and authority?

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