Memoir of The Common Man by Bob Redwater

Bob Redwater, exercising his ancient right to bear arms and protect his country from foreign invasion by using traditional methods. I didn’t have a green uniform or connections with the gentry to qualify for the old boy’s club but I did have my own long bow which I had cut and made myself. I kept a low profile by standing under a large elm tree and shooting arrows outwards late on summers evenings when the Meadows was almost deserted.

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Memory of a Poacher: Royal Archers on the Meadows by Bob Redwater

A familiar sight for Edinburgh folk heading home from work across the Meadows on a late summer’s afternoon. I have always admired those splendid chaps in their green uniforms and eagle feathers in their bonnets. The Queen’s Bodyguard in Scotland, practising the noble art of archery in an effort to keep her majesty safe when she does her annual flying visit to distant Caledonia, God bless her.

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Tales From The Lives of A Poacher by Bob Redwater

The wee boy on the left hand side of the photo, with the baggy breeks, fierce expression and kirby grip in his hair, is me, young Bob Redwater. My Ma told me, “If you don’t want to get your haircut, then you’ll need to wear one of your sister’s hair grips to keep your hair out of your eyes or you’ll go blind”. “Okay” I said to my Ma, “I don’t care”.  I was a thrawn child, stubborn as a mule.
Ragged University