Campaign Against Arms Trade by David Turner

Those of us who have been campaigning committedly, year in, year out over decades to end the arms trade have done so with no illusions as to the formidable nature of the task, or the very long process that will be involved.  This process has to take into account the economic, social and political context, both national and global which is ever changing.
At national level there is an awareness of the extent of the entrenchment of arms dealing in a system which, irrespective of which political party is in power, represents an establishment cemented by common educational privilege, based on wealth, and tightly enclosed access to positions of power in finance, industry and politics…
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David Turner talks the Arms Trade

I’m a longterm peace, human rights and nuclear disarmament campaigner.  In 1996 together with other concerned individuals I founded Edinburgh CAAT Group and have been active as a campaigns organiser for 14 years.

A few lines about the history of your subject:

A Campaign Against Arms Trade began in 1975 in England, established by individuals and groups who saw a need for an organisation focusing specifically on challenging the Government’s active support of a trade which fuels conflict, aids repressive regimes and aggravates poverty

David did this talk on the 9th March 2012