Understanding How to Support a Local Economy

Originally put together in 2012 in a process of attempting to understand how local economies could be supported so peoples lives become collectively better, since then it seems that the written notes below feel primitive and shortsighted after learning more about how the UK economy has been hemorrhaging money to corporate companies and individuals who are based in tax havens, or more accurately known as secrecy jurisdictions.  Hence before the original notes published in 2012 there is the addendum. Read more…

11th Oct 2012: Why did the financial crisis happen? (and what to do about it) by Ben Stollery and Fran Boait

positive money

On the 11th of October Ben and Fran will be giving a talk at the Counting House in Edinburgh on the following subject…

Name of speaker and subject:

Ben Stollery and Fran Boait
We are in a crisis because so few of us, including policy makers, economists and journalists fully understand how our monetary system works. This is a dangerous situation to be in when money drives almost all activity on the planet. If you want to understand how the system works well, at least the basics – come along!
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Citizen Journalism

“In short, to overstate the point only slightly, because people don’t really know why they do what they do, they give explanations of their own behavior that are about as reliable as anyone else’s, and in many circumstances actually less so.”

Kwame Anthony Appiah


The idea of citizen journalism is being explored from a perspective of Global Citizenship.  Language and the freedom to talk about ideas and media in the public domain are central to the rights of individuals.  An enlightened society should have spaces in which everyone is considered a stakeholder in knowledge and the where everyone is welcome to contribute to dialogues. With this in mind, the Glass House as an area of the Ragged website is being developed to promote citizen journalism amongst all communities.
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6th July 2011: Let's talk about sex baby; Sexual communication explored through survey results by Fiona McQueen


Name of speaker and subject:

Fiona McQueen – Sociology

Title of talk:

‘Let’s talk about sex baby; Sexual communication explored through survey results’

Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

A brief history of sociological debate around gender differences within sexual communication.  Results of the ‘Scottish Sexual Attitudes Survey 2010’ – a survey of 1000 people in Scotland
Hypothesising as to the implications of these results
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