29th Nov 2012: Unravelling Humpback Whale Behaviour by Dr Alison Craig

humpback whale

29th Nov 2012: Edinburgh; Unravelling the Mysteries of Humpback Whale Behaviour by Dr Alison Craig; Music by The Broken Boy: all welcome 7 till 10 pm at the Counting House

Name of speaker and subject:

Dr Alison Craig.

Title of talk:

Unravelling the Mysteries of Humpback Whale Behaviour

What you would like to cover:

Humpback whales are 45 tonne giants that live most of their lives below the waves, out of sight of humans.  While some mysteries remain, since the mid-1970s scientists have been studying these animals and gradually piecing together the story of how they live their lives. In this talk I will share some of what we’ve learned about humpback whale behaviour over the years.
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Nick Dixon and Annie Harrison talk about ExtInked tattoos

Nick Dixon with a tattoo on his shoulder of a Capercaille, and Annie Harrison with a Cornflower tattooed on her ankle. What do they have in common ?  They are two of the 100 selected ambassadors from the unique ExtInked partnership project spoke about their work, including their motivation for taking on the challenge, the experience of the tattooing and subsequent endeavours on behalf of their endangered species.

ExtInked is an art and ecology project in which one hundred original drawings of endangered British species were tattooed onto one hundred volunteers.

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