Personal Wealth by Julia Macintosh

So on Friday, I finally met up with Alex here at Ragged University. We talked about this and that, swapped ideas and leads, and toasted pints of water to the innate goodness of humanity. We also discovered in our conversational meanderings that the Ragged Project and Personal Wealth are kindred spirits.

Personal Wealth is the social enterprise recently established by myself and my friend and colleague Nina. Our founding belief is that every person possesses unrecognised and untapped personal wealth – their strengths, their gifts, their knowledge and skills and experiences and insights and ideas and innate goodness. Far too often we are prevented from using and sharing what we have to contribute. Nina and I want to help people find ways to unlock their own personal wealth; we want to help groups and organisations and communities unlock the collective wealth that resides within them. Read more…

Putting Ragged Music Into Action

The Ragged project has been formed of the people who have got involved, bringing their ideas, wants and needs to be realised over time, in and through a like-minded community.

At one point four musicians asked where music fitted with the project and they were told that it would fit wherever and however they made it fit.  The result was the groundwork of Ragged Music which was particularly headed up by Dan Zambas and Gary Boast. Read more…

Urban Fox: Memoirs of an Edinburgh Poacher by Bob Redwater

It wasn’t hard for me to think up a title that would best describe my unconventional lifestyle in Scotland’s capital city.

I always swore that I would never write about my illegal hunting activities. It was my elder brother Peter who pressurised me into writing about my life because he thought it was worth sharing with others. Whatever the reason the deed has been done and I have shared my hunters life with the publication of a book. Read more…

El Puente Research: Spanish Immigrants in Edinburgh; Situation and Needs

It is calculated that there are around 30.000 Spanish people living in Edinburgh, however there is no more information about How many there are? What their situation is? or Why are they coming here?

Regarding this new condition, the Adult Learning Project started to worry about the integration of this community already living in Edinburgh, what they need and how to supply them with the necessary tools to integrate them and make richer this coexistence.
At the same time, more than a year ago, three Spanish social researchers met here in Edinburgh and got interested by the cultural differences and similarities which exist.  They started to wonder how this Spanish Community can contribute to Edinburgh and what they can learn from this new culture.
Read more…