A Journey to Glimpsing the Dream of the Earth by Helena Kettleborough

In order to gain the energy and understanding to address the complex challenges and totally reshape society for  both ecological and social justice, there is a rise in ideas  advocating a wider paradigm within which to place our actions.  Berry (1999), Berry and Swimme (1992) and Swimme and Tucker (2011) explore humanity’s place within the universe. They propose a  New Universe Story, a way of exploring the world which sees human beings  take our place within our 13,800,000,000  year old universe.  From studying the social as well as ecological challenges  facing humanity,  Korten sees that only through ‘Earth as community’ can we find  a comprehensive story which will enable us to address these issues.
For me a wonderful expression of how we might find our way into this ancient history is through cultural historian Thomas Berry.  Berry  proposes the idea of the Dream of the Earth, not a human dream but the dream of the whole Earth community (1988). How might we learn to express and understand what the earth wants rather than ourselves as a single species?  How might we  learn to see the Dream of the Earth as for ‘all the children’ not simply the human children of the earth but  ‘for the children who swim beneath the waves of the sea’  and  the ‘children who roam over the land and the winged ones who fly with the wind’? (Berry, 1999). Read more…

16th Oct 2014: Exploring the Dream of the Earth; My First Person Inquiry by Helena Kettleborough

Dream of the Earth Thomas Berry

Come along to The Castle Hotel at 7pm to listen to Helena’s talk. Share a crust of bread, and hear the reflections she has to share…


Title of talk:

Exploring the Dream of the Earth (Berry, 1988) – a first person inquiry of discovery and understanding
by Helena Kettleborough

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • Part of a three decade journey expressed in last five years through a PhD.
  • Share one part of the PhD – living, reflecting, learning, glimpsing the Dream of the Earth
  • Setting context: challenges facing humanity and the planet and the solutions – references to evidence in the literature/media
  • Exploring tools for travel – arguing we need tools and equipment as part of the journey
  • Tools I’ve explored: action research
  • Paradigms and paradigm shifts as part of action research
  • characteristics of action research
  • First person action research as methodology
  • Glimpsing the Dream of the Earth (Berry, 1988)
  • Explorations from Thomas Berry, cultural historian
  • Using extended ways of knowing (Heron, 1996) from action research, to explore journey and questions of validity
  • Some stories of how I came to understand the Dream of the Earth

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