Appeal From The Littoral Zone By Julia Barton

Littoral: the zone between the low and high tide marks”

I am a member of Ragged University, an artist, and activist I have spent the last 18 months cataloguing the litter on 18 beaches along the NW coast of Scotland, as part of Littoral Art Project which I set up 2 years ago to investigate and draw attention to draw attention to the volume, nature and effects of beach litter. Read more…

A Rubbish Eureka Moment: An Artist’s Environmental Quest by Julia Barton

Hello, my name is Julia Barton and I am a visual artist and member of Ragged University, I am based in Edinburgh and I make installations, prints and recently began performing. The work I make is often inspired by the natural world, the environment I find myself in and I am passionate about reclaiming and reusing as many materials as I can to make works and hence I often enjoy beach combing.
Last October I took an early morning walk on Polbain beach in Ross-Shire expecting to enjoy the sea and to search for odd washed up objects, but when I got close everything was reversed, the high tide line was a massive tangle of manmade materials and I had to literally search for seaweed amongst the rubbish. A Rubbish Eureka moment!
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