Do You Know What Slow TV Is ? by Tim Prevett

Ever wondered what makes Slow TV so popular, especially in Norway? Hours of a train journey, canal trip and even fishing? ​A Stretford film producer is giving a talk and screening of a documentary about Slow TV to shed a little more light on the genre’s story, its surprises and, in short, how to make Slow TV – like a Viking!
The Slow TV productions in Norway have grabbed huge audiences – 36% of the available audience tuned in for a 5 day voyage along Norway’s coast, 15% tuned in to the very first 7 hour train journey from Bergen to Oslo. The BBC’s own ‘BBC4 Goes Slow’ added nearly 50% to the channel’s usual audience, increasing from 2% to 2.8% of the market – that’s a further 200,000 viewers. More Slow TV in the UK wanted. Read more…

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