Internet and Computer Security: The Basics by Alex Dunedin

This is an article written for the IT and Biscuits people who attend.  The overwhelming theme of requests was to understand how to secure your computer from external attacks and from normal browsing activity on the internet. Internet security can be broken down in various ways. I will be discussing the main points here which you can address without investing in learning some of the deeper aspects. These are the main areas which I will cover: Read more…

Computers and Getting to Grips With Basics by Derek Howden

On the 25th of April, the first IT and Biscuits event happened at the Central Library in Edinburgh.  Ten people came along with their computers, and we collectively worked through a number of issues which were raised.  Derek Howden wrote the following article to summarize some of the information on some of the issues which were raised.
Computers have a very “unknown” quality and we are naturally scared of the unknown. Security was a definite topic of today and when you mix that with the unknown it becomes a volatile emotional experience and that’s not the real reality, especially if you cover the basics which we tried to do today.

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