Development with Dignity; New Perspectives By Shahid Khan

So they built a proper tarmac road past a village whose only access was a dirt road of sorts. The village was a cohesive community, each person knew and cared for each other. They were a contented relatively happy people. The road bought outside influences that slowly destroyed the cohesiveness of the community. Shops and eating places opened up, some of the villagers benefited.
Competition removed the “community” togetherness. Neighbours stopped talking to each other. Jealousies’ thrived. Innocence was lost. The ‘capitalist’ over view that is part of ‘outside’ world came to a community that for generations were happy. They had achieved and preserved something that many seek but a few find. Seeing this outside prosperity, outsiders bought up land which removed ‘wealth’ from the less well off. They felt rejected. They had lived here for generations without feeling insecure. The road eventually bought less than more. Read more…

Ragged University