Giving Up The Smartphone and Gating Technology: Managing Information, Media and Technology

Over the last several years the number of conversations which I have had with people about smartphones and the effects of digital technology in our lives is numerous.  In particular, many conversations have oriented around giving up a smartphone and living without technology cemented into every part of your life.  After some time I decided to give it a try to see what it felt like not to have a phone with the purpose of discovering whether a phone is as important as it had come to feel to be. Read more…

Curriculum and Technological Change: A Digest

Unquestionably there is much evidence to support the contention that the prime aim of modern curriculum changes is a better trained and more adaptable workforce, able to exploit the opportunities presented by new technologies. The institutional channels from which resources have flowed, and the accompanying rhetoric, frequently testify to concerns about the need for improved economic performance in a global struggle for survival.

The opening words of the British government’s White Paper announcing the extension of TVEI to all schools are typical. “We live in a world of determined, educated, trained and strongly motivated competitors… For the nation… survival and success will depend on… maintaining an edge over all competition”.
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