Biases Around How People’s Intellectual Contribution Is Valued; Prejudicial and Biased Reasoning as Illogical and Irrational

This is the first of three essays examining biases which affect how people are valued.  The second part focuses on Implicit and Explicit Bias which commonly manifest in forms of racism.  As a foundation to understanding why some people are listened to and valued, and why others are ignored and ‘un-valued’ [Dunedin, 2017], I have been scouring the field of psychology dedicated to studying the processes of dehumanisation.
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24th Sept 2015: Evolving for Girls by Doreen Soutar

Question Evolution

Come along to The Counting House at 7pm to listen to Doreen, share a crust of bread, and listen to her ideas on girls and evolution…


Title of talk:

Evolving for Girls

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

A wry look at how evolutionary psychology currently narrates human evolution and the interaction between the genders in terms of mate selection. It will suggest that:

  • The current narrative of mate selection is a tad male-centred
  • The current mate selection model has some quite fundamental problems trying to explain what women are actually like
  • Some of these theories are highly amusing
  • A female-centred version of evolution might be a bit of a good idea
  • There are some quite good reasons for supporting a female viewpoint, including being a woman and preferring to have a say in mate selection theories about you.
  • A few suggestions for a female-centred model of mate selection will be offered up for consideration.

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