Coordinator: Grant Crozier

The idea was simple: we had spent so many great evenings together talking to each other (and also to complete strangers) about subjects we were passionate about, and had learnt so much from each other (and from the strangers), that Al figured surely there could be a way of creating an environment in which anyone, no matter who they were or their background, could get together in an informal setting and share their passion and knowledge.

Grant Crozier

Thus I helped cofound the Ragged University project before I went on to work at Toynbee Hall in the area of poverty alleviation. Currently I work in the Marketing Administrator at Caesars Entertainment UK creating an inspirational membership environment that delights every Playboy Club London member, every time. I ensure that members feel valued and loyal and am responsible for day to day membership communications, arranging, hosting monthly members events and being the main point of contact for all members.