2nd March 2011: Discovering Card Magic by Geoff Tibbs

Card Magic
Card Magic

On the 2nd of March 2011 at 7pm in the Castle Hotel in Manchester, Geoff Tibbs shared his knowledge of card magic…


Name of speaker:

Geoff Tibbs

Title of Talk:

Discovering Card Magic


  • How I got into magic as a child.
  • Why I’m still into it as an adult.
  • Inspirations
  • A couple of illustrations of the art.


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A few words about you and your passion/the history of your subject:

As with almost every card magician I have met, I got into it when i was small. It gets under your skin. The field of card manipulation gradually opens up, as you realise how much attention and ingenuity has been lavished upon it by so many creative minds over the ages. Extraordinary amounts of energy have been have been devoted to the tiniest details of card technique. I would like to share some of the bits and pieces I have picked up along the way through this beautiful and intriguing art form.