Ragged University Events Are Free Events

All the Ragged University events are free and open to everyone. With the project model having been tested and critiqued widely, Ragged University is now moving forward to explore how many positives can come from doing something so straight forward as open learning events where people talk in social spaces.  Much well intentioned comment has come with the perspective that Ragged should charge for the events, even if just a token amount.

Well, this is not something which is going to happen as it would change the model in a fundamental way.


For those who want to understand the deeper theory involved in the project please see the social capital presentation below and explore the education articles.  We want to foster cooperation not only between individuals, but also between organisations rather than financialise what we regard as a fundamentally social activity.


Ragged University seeks to generate inclusive forms of social capital – monetizing it makes it exclusive. What is referenced when the phrase ‘inclusive social capital’ is used is loosely  situations where people choose to voluntarily associate with each other and where participation in that group serves as a free resource to those people…





 If you have any thoughts or queries about the ideas being cited here, get in touch with what you have to say.  I helps to hear any criticisms or support, recommendations or ideas to try.