26th July Cannabis and the Munchies by Mike McInnes

The Counting House

The Munchies: Humans are natural cannabis signallers (cannabinols) by Mike McInnes

Cannabis signalling regulates cerebral glucose metabolism.  Modern dietary culture drives up glucose (hyperglycaemia) and insulin (hyperinsulinism).  Each of these Twin Hypers act as independent cannabis signalling systems.  Central cannabis signalling inhibits glucose uptake into the brain, causing chronic cerebral hunger (The Munchies).
Modern dietary food culture contributes to chronic cerebral hunger via the Twin Hypers, and to increased cannabinoid signalling, resulting in loss of weight control and obesity. No person need ever to have consumed cannabis in any form, to act as a natural cannabis signaller, and to gain weight as a result.

Mike McInnes is a retired pharmacist with an interest in human energy metabolism, in particular cerebral energy provision and metabolism, and how we fail to provision cerebral energy both during the day and during the night, and pay the price in chronic metabolic stress and chronic activation of the orexigenic (appetite) hormones.

Getting involved in Ragged – a meeting of those who want to volunteer organised by Alex Dunedin

The Ragged project has been running for over a year in Edinburgh and people have started to get the flavour of what it is all about.  Now I would like to hold a meeting inviting all the people who are interested to contribute in some form or another to find out how they can at this event.  The project to date will be recapped; an outline of what is planned for the future will be given; an illustration of what voluntary help is needed; an invitation to do a talk will be made and lots of questions answered over some good food.
The aim of the project is to rekindle and update the Ragged Schools movement where community pulls together and shares it’s knowledge and skills.  Never before has it been so possible with so many great free digital resources, with so much support from formal learning communities, and so many established independent businesses wanting to put something back into community.

No man is an island, and I am asking for help from people to take this idea to new heights and open up new possibilities.

All that will be asked is that people commit to doing what they realistically can.  Whether you want to help spread the word of events through twitter and facebook, whether you want to help organise future physical events, whether you want to write material for the website, hand out leaflets, do a talk, help with the bureaucratic side; it all helps.  If you believe in free education, do what you can to help – come along and listen, find out.  With over 200 events done over two and a half years so far, great things are possible…
There will be some food laid on and some live music is being organised for a good mixed night.  Open door, no ticketing…

Ragged event at The Counting House
36 West Nicolson Street
Edinburgh EH8 9DD

0131 667 7533