The Ethos Of Ragged Music

The core of the project is expressed within the Ethos. The philosophy of the Ragged project draws from old and new thinkers, directly and indirectly, and this is key to its success and longevity. These thinkers are being drawn together in supplements to inform the project.


An Inclusive Collective

The heart of this is inclusivity, where events and activities are open to all who wish to participate and contribute. Following the simple guidelines of politeness and empathy, the aims of Ragged music will be to facilitate musicians, technicians and supply chain collaboration wherever we can.

Self-Led achievement

Central to the ethos is collaboration amongst motivated, enthusiastic self learners. Through developing links between venue, technician and artist, a healthy music scene can be supported. Also by bringing together free learning resources with industry information on the website, the project hopes to foster open opportunities.

Sharing Knowledge

Active encouragement will be given for individuals with adept skill sets to pass on their knowledge to others. For example, a sound engineer holds a vast amount of experience that the musicians rarely acquire. Similarly students often do not get the chance to learn skills real-time. Through basic engagement, these barriers can be broached in ways which benefit individuals, communities and businesses.

Support Local Economy

The importance of supporting the local music industry cannot be over-emphasized. It is good practice to strengthen the area in which you work. David Hume exemplifies the principle – “Tis profitable for us both, that I should labour with you today, and that you should aid me tomorrow.”

Intellectual Property

Ragged Music will not hold Intellectual Property in contract. This allows the artist full control over their own work and the flexibility to develop their own career freely and without constraint. The primary aim of the Ragged project is to promote collaboration. Owning Intellectual Property would create barriers in facilitating this.

Daniel Zambas brought together the framework for Ragged Music