17th August 2012: Makmed the Miller presents The Grief of Isis

On August 17th in the Edinburgh Festival at the Central Library (7-9 George IV Bridge. Postcode, EH1 1EG) Makmed the Miller presents The Grief of Isis and Peter Barratt talks about his Great Grandmother, Alice Hawkins and her life of as a suffragette.

Makmed the Miller

Doors open at 1pm for viewing the artwork and talks start at 1.30pm.
Free event, everyone is welcome.
Coffee, tea and biscuits provided in the break

Makmed the Miller is a multi discipline artist, working in the areas of music, painting, theatre, performance art and installation. He has appeared on television and radio in Russia, India, China, U.S.A., Egypt, Morroco, Palestine and most countries of Europe.

As a musician he plays theremin, pipa, bouzouki, cello, saz, circuit bent instruments, phono fiddle. yayli divan and some home made instruments…



He is founder member of Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra, a theatre based international music ensemble who specialise in the unusual, the traditional and post modern, the situationist, the ‘right music with the wrong instruments’.

He has worked with, Gylan Kain (last poets), King Cannibal and the Headhunter, Dennis Bovell, Amsterdam Balloon Company, Arkadi Len, German Popov and Sonic Monks, Silo Theatre, the Nostalgic Crocodiles. and others.

He is currently living in Edinburgh, having moved here last year after 18 years living in Amsterdam. The piece of work on display here is a large drawing called The Grief of Isis. it shows the story of the events surrounding the three divine Egyptian siblings, Osiris, Isis and Set. It is a story of love, betrayal, incest, murder, revenge, justice, retribution and revelation…all the great themes are here!


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