14th August 2011: Right to a Fair Trial Part 1; ‘The Painted Bird’ by Tom Muirhead

leith on the fringe

During the Edinburgh International Festival of August 2012 twenty two talks were given at Leith on the Fringe at the Out of the Blue venue.  They were free and open to everyone

Name of speaker:

Tom Muirhead

Title of talk:

Right to a Fair Trial Part 1 ‘The Painted Bird’
The first of a ten part series that questions whether it is possible, under the current legal framework in Scotland, for anyone to receive a Fair Trial or a Fair Hearing in any legal proceedings.

Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

  • Explains why the wearing of wigs and gowns by judges and other officers of the court introduces apparent bias into all legal proceedings.

Suggested you-tube links, websites and / or texts where further information may be found:

The Scottish Human Rights Union – www.shru.org
Scottish Law Reports – www.scottishlawreports.org.uk
The UK Statute Database – www.legislation.gov.uk
The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations – www.legalabbrevs.cardiff.ac.uk
British and Irish Legal Information Institute – www.bailii.org
Legal Information Institute – blog.law.cornell.edu

A few words about you and your passion:

My name is Tom Muirhead. I was born in Denistoun, Glasgow and I have lived and worked in the Glasgow Kelvin area, on and off, for over thirty years.  I have a keen interest in Human Rights and have set up various Human Rights Organisations and web sites that run various human rights campaigns with a Scottish focus (see the Scottish Human Rights Union at www.shru.org

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