19th Feb 2013: Manchester's De-Industrial Food Revolution by Jules Bagnoli

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On the 19th February 2013 Jules Bagnoli will be doing a talk at the Castle Hotel on Oldham Street in Manchester

Name of speaker and subject:

Jules Bagnoli
Food chains, culture, jobs, transition and green tech solutions to hunger.

Title of talk:

Manchester’s De-Industrial Food Revolution

Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

  • Dwindling self-sufficiency – 99.75% reliant on ‘imports’.
  • The long, slow march of local food movements.
  • Historical impact of Manchester’s industrial mindset on the table – food as fuel (Manc man as machine) or why are we not London.
  • Catering for students. The value mentality from shopping basket to multimillion procurement spend.
  • Forgotten identity: the urban idea in a garden city. Salford as 50% green space. Biodiversity and lost heritage.
  • Disconnect with our agricultural ‘home counties’ Lancashire and Cheshire.
  • Getting our hands dirty: if you eat, you should sow – challenging specialism of labour. Eco-health. Lower working hours, higher self-reliance. Positive negative growth.
  • Integrating our knowledge economy into food: vertical farming, closed loop food growth & production using minimal carbon or water.
  • Future Farming – collapse of outdoor farming with 6 degrees Celsius rise in temperature by 2100 (PriceWaterhouse)
  • ‘Ponics’ – Aquaponics/hydroponics/aeroponics – high-growth, knowledge industry under our noses. Projected market size & value.
  • The zero unemployment economy.


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A few words about you and your passion:

Octopus sushi in a London restaurant derailed the blue chip ICT career that had paid for it on expenses. Photocopying cook books instead of power lunching, I started a lifelong exploration of the pleasures of food, filtering specks of knowledge from nutrition to culinary anthropology.
I got my hands dirty (hand wash facilities essential) for a decade as a chef, front-of-house and General Manager (often on the same day), insider knowledge that I pass to hundreds of food businesses from farms to curry houses. Sourcing ingredients for a Manchester pioneer local, seasonal restaurant in 2003 showed me our fertile hinterland laid bare by Blair/Brown’s leisure and recreation countryside policy. I’ve since campaigned with Slow Food, RSA and any group or individual committed to preserving local food chains and culture.

A few lines about the history of your subject:

Human history starts and ends with the pursuit, taming, sharing, stealing and loss of food.