City of Edinburgh Council: Allocate Space in Harrison Park For a Community Garden

Gardening and food-growing knowledge builds confidence in people. That confidence can lead to all sorts of exciting things; children who learn how to garden are then able to teach their friends, or their siblings and parents. There is a distinct lack of land in Edinburgh for growing produce, and most allotment waiting lists are on average 5 years .

We are doing something on a much smaller level, but encourage anyone and everyone to get involved, and hopefully inspire people to grow their own food as well.

Kate Gilliam
Trees Not Trash

We started a small community green space by the Union Canal, and received enormous support from the community. Each Sunday, neighborhood children came to garden, dig for worms and plant organic native seeds. 4 weeks after the garden began, the Edinburgh Council destroyed the 2 small vegetable beds that the children had planted. We think things could work differently…
Public initiatives such as growing food and engaging children in their environments need to be supported. We believe the Council should encourage and work with local residents to foster a sense of community. By listening to, and supporting positive initiatives that local groups are making, the Council could work alongside community groups to improve neighborhoods. Would you help us by supporting the reinstatement of our green space in Harrison Park?
Trees Not Trash is a neighborhood gardening group with roots in Brooklyn, NY; we focus on inspiring children to grow their own food and become environmental stewards: ,

This petition provides a place for community members and the public to express their support for our garden to the Council….

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