About Something Different by Tim Prevett

When I was a child, I couldn’t wait to play my friends my latest acquisitions of music diligently sought out from high street shops. Each time they’d come over I’d be like ‘I’ve got to play you this!’. Like it or not, they’d hear it. Tape or 33 / 45rpm vinyl would be produced with pride.
Having a somewhat deviant (from my peers) taste in music, covering the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, this gave me an identity strongly linked to the music in which I bathed my mind and ears. Explorations in the universe of sound was my mission, and I  would share it with anyone given an opportunity.

Something Different
Something Different

When I got my first full time job, this need for sharing music was given another platform.  You may remember Our Price Music? Well, I got my job with them when Bryan Adams did everything he did for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Not only could I share my existing tastes,  but discovered more artists and widened my palate of musical taste. Brian Eno, The Orb,  Vangelis.
Roll on 20 or so years and I end up with a radio show on a local community radio station.  Perfect for playing music you love to even more folk and talking about things which interest you. A reputation for doing guided historical and ghost tours in the area with several guest appearances on RedShift Radio was the key.

I expressed interest when interest was invited, and started a show in July 2011. History and Mystery was its name, evolving into ‘Something Different’ in January 2012 to cover existing and wider subject and musical genres.

My conviction for the show is this: there is more good music which doesn’t usually get played on the radio than does. The typical commercial requirement is music between three to four minutes  in length and appeals to a wide enough base to draw in good listener figures.
Within the parameters of appealing to a local listening base, to serve the local community and  businesses (for that is it’s reason of being, after all), I’ve been able to create a show which can be ‘Something Different’ each week, bringing something different in terms of music or content. Musically there have been specials for goth, eurovision, prog rock, protest songs, trance anthems and country music. All these will be visited again, other shows being planned for rock ‘n’ roll, rock and computer game music.
For content, aspects of heritage and archaeology have been covered, to ghosts, mysteries, police UFO sightings, bullying, authors, Pagan practitioners and Christian faith groups. Upcoming shows will feature an oral history project concerning Crewe Railway Works, female Werewolves, and much more. You can tune in to Something Different online at 7pm UK time anywhere via



and previous shows are available to listen to here:

http:/ /www.mixcloud.com/ManInTheRain.


061212 Something Different on RedShift Radio with Tim Prevett – Tony Longworth / Kinaesthetic by Tim Prevett on Mixcloud

I also present a Country Music show, ‘Country Roads’ at 9pm Thursdays for an hour. RedShift Radio has had several short term FM licenses since its launch in September 2010 and in 2013 intends to become the full time FM radio station for South Cheshire, as well as online. Just like in the days of my youth, I will continue to bring varied music and topics for listeners to enjoy. Please join me, and if you think you’ve got something to talk about for a show, do get in touch. Here is an interview with Alex Dunedin on Ragged Talks…

151112 Something Different on RedShift Radio with Tim Prevett – Holly Holy Day and Ragged Talks by Tim Prevett on Mixcloud