Free Text Prediction App for Edinburgh Festival by Dr Tim Willis

A new free word prediction app from Edinburgh-based Flexpansion Ltd helps Edinburgh Festival-goers type much quicker on Android devices while visiting the city.

Flexpansion Edinburgh Festivals edition comes preloaded with relevant vocabulary and language patterns including the names of key streets, venues, shows and artists, so for example users need only type “Pl” then Space to type “Pleasance” and are then offered “Courtyard”, “Dome”, “Above” etc. to tap and insert.


The app is aimed at helping visitors to the Fringe, Military Tattoo and other Festivals, wanting to text, blog, tweet, email and update their Facebook status.   The app is a special version of their highly-rated main Flexpansion app, also free, which doubles typing speed. Both perform word prediction and autocorrect, but there’s an added twist – unlimited, flexible abbreviation expansion.
This expands into full any short-hand the user chooses as they go along, with no need for prior programming. It is initially switched off in the Festivals version for unfamiliar users, but can be switched back on simply.   Flexpansion founder Dr. Tim Willis developed the company out from his PhD research at Edinburgh University on how people abbreviate, intended to help people with some motor disabilities type more easily. He saw the wider application of his technology on touchscreens.
Despite competing against far larger, better-funded companies, the app has gained a loyal following and high praise in reviews. He says “We have the greatest festival city in the world, so it’s great to get involved, and we are really excited about the potential uptake of our app at this year’s Fringe.”  Both apps can be found on Google Play.