The Power of the Elder by Eli Anderson

I have been writing for over thirty years, and in that time I have developed my craft as a Storyteller, Poet and Narrative Coach… I have taught, created & delivered a variety of workshops in relation to Storytelling, use mindfulness techniques, mentoring & performance art, musicianship, intergenerational work and general presentation.


I am also a visiting lecturer and have been asked to present on subjects concerned primarily with Eldership, Health care, Storytelling and Community Education. In my work as a Narrative Coach, I use story to help clients support and feel good about themselves. I am a Board member for the national mental health charity, Nafsiyat, and occupy the role of an appointed Magistrate.



A Little About Eli Anderson

Amongst many things, Eli is a professional storyteller who uses his talent of guiding people on a journey through words to connect with audiences animating narratives. His dynamic and engaging style incorporates elements of humor, drama, and suspense but centers on wisedom teachings. Eli’s art draws is to in listeners using the voice as the ancient source of learning which it is, to express deep rooted truths in humane ways.


Crafting his storytelling for many years, he has performed in many places tailoring stories to suit different audiences and bringing them into contact with a wide repertoire of tales ranging from traditional folktales to original modern narratives. In the traditions of storytelling, he continues the passing on of knowledge, wisdom and technique to new generations by the power of the voice – something he reminds everyone they have.


Passionate about sharing the power of storytelling as a means of building connections, fostering creativity, and sparking the imagination necessary to create a better world, he travels to various places with his gift for bringing stories to life and captivating audiences.


Eli knows stories to have immense power to shape our understanding of the world and ourselves aiding in envisioning futures to come as much as help heal the past as something which lives consciously and unconsciously in people through the present. Stories change people’s perspectives giving new vistas with alternative understandings; they kindle empathy necesssary to bring about change in society by the simple lessons of learning to listen.


In person storytelling is increasingly important in a digitally divided and world which is made lonely via the spread of technologies.  Stories he reminds us are shared spaces used as a way to connect people, experiences, and create meaningful connections. Arguably the most ancient form of knowledge sharing, storytelling preceeds written records and tunes into deep roots capable of bridging divides, making clear the complex, and uniting peoples when they have become fractured.


Eli’s mission to inspire and educate through the moving form of spoken word easily reveals to the listener a power they have to bring about positive change in the world. In this recording of his storytelling, Eli Anderson emphasizes the importance of the elder in a community. He takes us on a journey of understanding to help us remember that elders carry wisdom, knowledge, and experiences which are essential for guiding and nurturing younger generations. A timely reminder in the face of ageism that elders are living repositories of cultural heritage and tradition necessary for the strength and vitality of a community.