Dreamwhispering by Geoff Baines

I’m a futurist.  I’ve allowed myself to admit this late in life, and have just completed a five week online course being trained to explore the future more effectively. There isn’t such a thing as the future, only many possible futures.  I love the idea that the future can be shaped by people with foresight, intention, and love…

Along the way, using the filters of technology, education, society, and arts, I found myself pondering what kind of futurist I might be.  Some years ago I was asked perhaps the most important question of the twenty-first century: What does it mean to be Human?  I gave this a lot of thought, and appreciating there are millions of great answers, my response was: To be Human is to live with Creativity, Enjoyment, and Generosity.

I think this is the kind of futurist I am – one who wants to help people express their creativity in the way only they can, creating the environments in which this might take place.
For some years now, I’ve worked with people on a one-with-one basis under the banner of Go Live Your Strengths – the link below is to a simple information site.  More recently, this work has expanded to include small groups and the beginning of a community encouraging people to use their art (the unique thing a person produces through their life) to make someone’s world better (VOXedinburgh).   Behind this is my love of exploring ideas and I’ve set myself the challenge of blogging every day for a year, but only if I’m able to produce a cartoon: this is Thin|Silence – whispers from the emerging future.


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