A Choir Without Auditions

I first encountered the Love Music Community Choir whilst meeting a friend, Colin, for coffee.  At the same time as chatting about the Ragged project and all the different forms of education which experience can take, Colin suggested we move outside with a wry smile.

love music community choir

We left the Traverse theatre to emerge onto the street which takes you around the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.  It was then that he revealed to me that the hustle and bustle of the street was forming itself into a flash mob choir to sing to Debbie Harry her own song ‘Sunday Girl’…

I was highly amused and moved to see a flashmob.  There is something brilliant about that many people working together to raise a smile, and before I had seen this I had only heard about the phenomenon.  Better than that, I went on to find out about the ideals which Love Music Community Choir embody – anyone can be a part of it, there are no auditions.  In their own words:

“This choir is for anyone and everyone. We don’t audition. We will work hard to broaden our membership to reflect the breadth and diversity of the city of Edinburgh. Fun, accessibility and quality is very important to us. We don’t have any exclusions or age limits, but if you are under 16 we do ask that you come with an adult. You don’t have to read music, but there will be opportunities to do so, or to start to learn if you wish.”

I like this open criteria and confidence in the ability of people to learn through social means.  I think what they are doing is a powerful example of how anyone can learn in the right environment and circumstances.  Currently they are lining up to fill the Usher Hall.  I am going along and hope you will too; check out their stuff: