Podcast: A World Where Everyone Is A Teacher And Knowledge Is Up To You by Peter Shukie

The idea that the internet is changing everything, that all levels of living are now undergoing transformation, that we are in the midst of a revolution, is nothing new. Are we blasé about significant and widespread change? Is transformation and revolution the new everyday and normal?


I won’t really be answering these questions, but I will be looking at how one aspect of technology, learning and education, CAN realise a form of revolution. Often the concept of 21st now plugged in, the teacher is on Skype, the textbook has become an ipad. Often the model seems just the same, like an episode of the Jetsons, the technology is different but the ways we teach, learn, live are not really any different.

I want to talk about COOCS (Community Open Online Courses), a model with beliefs similar to Ragged University: that all of us can be involved at all levels of learning; that all of us have something worth sharing in order to make a better place (I’d say a better world, but it gets a bit Miss World like, and we only really can change our place – at least to begin with!).