Music: Three Days From Retirement

We are THREE DAYS FROM RETIREMENT and we are an instrumental/post-rock band from Edinburgh.

We started back in late 2012 when myself Matthew McGhie and good friend and guitarist Matthew Floody decided to start the band and come up with the name. In the starting process I recruited another 2 good friends who I played with in my two previous bands. They were guitarist Joe Warnock and Chris Jones who played drums.

Three Days From Retirement

As we finally got together we started to share our sounds with one another to create an instrumental wall of sound. Lots of soundscaping guitars with lots of effects blended in with progressive drums. We wrote our first few songs and played our first gig at Edinburghs Wee Red Bar. Since then we gigged quite constant right up to the summer of 2013 throughout Edinburgh in numerous venues and one in Glasgow with some really good bands.
As we approached mid summer 2013 Our drummer decided to move on to pastures new as he was finishing his uni course. Before he left we got together in the studio and recorded an E.P that has 3 songs ‘the overview effect’ ‘Tunguska’ and ‘400 miles from london’ which you can hear on our soundcloud page
When Chris left it was a good while till we recruited our current drummer David Henderson. We were not doing much for a good few months as finding a drummer was quite difficult, Then we found David and it was a massive weight off our shoulders. Since joining the band he has brought a new sound to the band which has changed the bands whole sound and in the process have written a good load of new songs. We have played 3 gigs so far this year and have plenty of ambition to play more as we look to showcase ourselves to new fans all over Edinburgh, Scotland and the rest of the U.K. We are also in the process of recruiting a piano player to give the band more dynamics.
We are all very passionate about our music and feel we are have something different to offer listeners. Our influences are this will destroy you, brand new, tool, sigur ros, the cure. We want to create a cinematic wall of sound that reaches out to people and to give them the emotions of happiness and joy and give them the same enjoyment that we get out of playing.


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