Podcast: Music In India; Music In Me By Jatin Puri

On the 26th Aug 2011 in the Edinburgh International Festival, Jatin Puri, an Indian Musician did a talk called “Music in India; Music in Me”. This is the podcast of the talk. Having been involved in the music industry in India since 2004, he brought a wealth of insight into the forces with which an independent musician has to contend in India.  With a desire to have always been a musician, it was his dream since being a child.

Jatin puri
Jatin Puri

Its not easy being a musician in India, especially if you’re an independent artist. But music is all he knows and is determined to do whatever it takes to earn a living being the creative artist he is.

Indian music has always gathered interest in the rest of world, from classical music to Bollywood to Punjabi Bhangra. It is a very lucrative career to be in as well.  But what if you’re making the so-called Western Music in India? A good career choice?  Jatin suggests that it is an uphill struggle to gain a foothold with this conflicting style of music.