Music: The Story So Far

Back from 1985, and still full of fire!

The Story So Far…

In the far off days of the mid 1980s, Edinburgh indie band The Story So Far was busy on the scene, appearing at the Nite Club, Astoria, Wee Red Bar, Potterrow, La Sorbonne and many other venues. The band played a heady mix of pop, funk, new wave, punk, rock, ska, reggae, jazz and blues, always with passion and surreal humour.Then, after a storming set at La Sorbonne on 28 January 1985, the band disappeared from the gig scene.

The Story So Far

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Three of the five members – Jake, bass and backing vocals – Allan, drums – Donald, guitar – reunited for a couple of charity gigs in 2011, raising about £10,000, and they see no reason not to keep right on playing. The line-up of The Story So Far has changed a bit – Allan and Donald return on drums and guitar, but Jake is now found on vocals and trumpet, with Jonathan playing Jake’s old Fender Jazz bass. Danceable with great hooks, people who saw us in the 1980s can still sing the songs!