Podcast: Interview With Sonia Soans of Asylum Collective

This is an interview with Sonia Soans, part of the Asylum magazine collective which is a platform for democratic psychiatry.  Having experience in clinical psychology and teaching in India, she has focused her study on gendered representations of addiction. Having recently finished her PhD in Manchester, she regularly contributes to critical psychiatry as she helps bring together the new editions of Asylum magazine.

Sonia Soans

In this podcast you can hear her talk about what she encountered when working as a clinical psychologist and how she started thinking critically about psychiatry.  The gender, race and addition issues that affect the way that people view others are grossly understated, and in the interview she unpacks some of the encounters she had.

You can read her papers here:



Interview with Sonia Soams of the Asylum Magazine collective by Ragged University on Mixcloud


Twitter handle: @PSYfem

Facebook: Sonia David Soans