Ragged University and People Know How by Glenn Liddall

Alex Dunedin of Ragged University and I were introduced through a mutual acquaintance who simply said “You both need to talk” because we are both involved in the idea of cultivating community and trying to create opportunities for people where they are most needed. Alex is a gifted listener and ideas person, keen to listen to people, appreciate the time and energy they have invested in their subject, and try and support them to get where they want to be – wherever that is.

Alex Dunedin and Glenn Liddal
Alex Dunedin and Glenn Liddal

Considering that our vision is similar, we met and discussed the possibilities of working together.

Ragged University is about the free exchange of knowledge and skills in social spaces. It is about people who love what they do sharing what they have invested their time in. At the heart of this is that we should enjoy knowledge and talking over ideas whilst breaking bread.

  • It is about valuing knowledgeable people
  • It is not about certificates
  • It is about exploring what is possible
  • It is not about CVs
  • It is about creating something
  • It is not about making money

The project is non-commercial and its aim is to revive the philanthropic motivation which built the education system of the United Kingdom today through the Ragged Schools. The events which are organised are all free and open for everyone to attend. It started in 2010 by a group of friends and has been running ever since. Anyone can create learning events using available infrastructure (pubs, cafes, museums, libraries, businesses) and common technology (the internet, projectors, screens, laptops. Ragged University argues for free education and valuing knowledge wherever it may lay.

Watch this space as Alex and I continue our dialogue to join the forces of Ragged University and People Know How.

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