Contributor: Chris Behr

I’m a full-stack designer, with over 10 years experience in marketing and product design. I’ve worked with some amazing brands in my career, both internally and externally, including; Tesco, Loch Fyne, The Scotsman Publications, Tennents, and Skyscanner.
Within product design I’m most at home building out live prototypes, either through HTML, CSS, and Javascript; or, on the app side, using tools like XCode or Android Studio. I’m currently working at Skyscanner, where I’ve been responsible for designs for the Flights, Hotels, and Car Hire products – across app and web. My current responsibilities as a designer lie with the Flights product, where I’ve had some great opportunities to produce iterative designs for a product used by millions worldwide. My design process uses data-lead methods, as well as user research.

Chris Behr

Chris Behr took on the task of producing the logo and styling of the Ragged University brand, producing a series of logos, banners and graphics for the project and contributing a recognisable identity for the project.  Sharing years of expertise with the project, he helped the public face of the project find a way of quickly and accessibly presenting the soul of the community in a visually appealing way.

The contributions he has made to Ragged University are invaluable, and without his generosity of spirit and sage guidance on various areas of graphic design and effective communication, the project would be much less without him.