Contributor: Graeme Sturrock of Edinburgh Computer Repairs

From the beginning of the project, Graeme Sturrock, owner of Edinburgh Computer Repairs has contributed in many ways to the development of the Ragged University project.  Having no equipment, he made computers available, and has donated several over time to this and other projects which have been in need of access to the digital.
Being given laptops, desktops, advice and guidance on how to use them – and maintain them, has been invaluable in this age of the internet.  He provided the community with the opportunity to get to grips with what computers can offer.  Not only this, but he has actively made connections with various other people who run small businesses in the Edinburgh area, and who have helped by chipping in their kind offerings.  Two examples being Chris Behr who did the graphic design for the project, and Scott Porter – owner of Digital Engine – who at various points developed and managed the Ragged University website. Read more…

Contributor: Chris Behr

I’m a full-stack designer, with over 10 years experience in marketing and product design. I’ve worked with some amazing brands in my career, both internally and externally, including; Tesco, Loch Fyne, The Scotsman Publications, Tennents, and Skyscanner.
Within product design I’m most at home building out live prototypes, either through HTML, CSS, and Javascript; or, on the app side, using tools like XCode or Android Studio. I’m currently working at Skyscanner, where I’ve been responsible for designs for the Flights, Hotels, and Car Hire products – across app and web. My current responsibilities as a designer lie with the Flights product, where I’ve had some great opportunities to produce iterative designs for a product used by millions worldwide. My design process uses data-lead methods, as well as user research. Read more…

Critical Apprenticeships: The Wrights and the Wrongs of Passage

This critical article was written in 2016 to review five years of policy documents on apprenticeships in Britain and the monumental failures in this area. We live in a time when the meaning of language in policy-land has become so eroded that a collective sense of confusion raises its head when words like ‘apprenticeship’ are thrown about. It seems that there is a common puzzlement now as to what it means in practice…. Read more…

1906: Letter Officially Appointing C. W. G. Taylor as First Warden of Edinburgh Settlement

C. W. G. Taylor, Esq.

Passmore Edward Settlement,

Tavistock Place,



Dear Mr. Taylor,

It is my pleasant duty to notify you officially you have been unanimously appointed Warden of this Association at a Salary of £160 per annum, plus full Board, including laundry. For the sale of form, the Council think it as well, especially as this is the first year of the Association that you should bind yourself to remain with them for at least one year. Read more…

Newsclipping: Adult Education Endowment Wanted

Edinburgh University Settlement Work: Adult Education Endowment Wanted
To support the extended work of the Edinburgh, University Settlement Association, and j to provide an endowment fund, the Executive propose to raise the sum of £50,000. This intimation was made at the annual meeting I of the Association, which was held in Craigmillar College, Niddrie Mains Terrace, yesterday, when Professor Sir David Wilkie pre­sided over a large attendance. Among those present was Dr Jones, secretary of the Pilgrim Trust. Read more…

Trade School: Offering Learning Through Barter by Colin Hynson

A few months ago a group of students gathered in the centre of London to take a short course on portrait photography. The students were taken through the workings of the camera, the use of settings, different kinds of lighting and tips and techniques for creating a portrait. The students did not have make a cash payment for the course but the teacher did not go away empty–handed either.

Read more…