Home Wine Making by Andrea Fuhrmann


Title of talk:

Home Wine Making

Home Wine Making

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • introduction
  • process of winemaking
  • tools, ingredients, skills
  • where to start
  • the art of making Sake
  • troubleshooting
  • Q&A session
  • tasting


A few paragraphs on your subject:

With the increase of alcohol prices and potential nasty additives in cheap wine it makes sense to explore the option of home wine making. Not only does it put you in control of your wine (kind of cooking from scratch) but it can also can save money. As an additional bonus you may find that it is fun to do and teaches you about chemistry.
Many people have started with the necessity just to find they become passionate about wine making. My aim is to give you an overview of winemaking. There will be suggestions for a start and a chance to ask questions at the end.

A few paragraphs about you:

In April 2014 I started to make wine more out of curiosity than necessity. Today, I am a “passionate winemaker”. Almost 2 years of winemaking have taught me a lot but I am still learning and exploring. Most of my knowledge is self taught but not everything. As a winemaker I take every opportunity to learn from other winemakers while visiting countries like California and India. If I don’t make or drink wine I work in IT for Scotland’s national newspaper.

What free internet knowledge resources would you recommend to others if they wish to explore your chosen theme further?

www.google.co.uk – just type winemaking and you will be amazed what you see.
Beginners Guide to Making Wine – www.lovebrewing.co.uk/guides/wine-making/beginners-guide-to-wine-making
Beer Brewing and Winemaking Blog – www.eckraus.com/blog
www.youtube.com – just search for winemaking or a recipe

On the 6th April 2016 at the community hall on the side of St John’s Church Edinburgh at 6.30pm this talks was shared