Loving Yourself Inside & Out! by Faith Canter

If you’re tired of judging yourself, putting yourself down, dishonouring your body, disrespecting your history and disliking who you are and the life you lead, then you are in the right place!

Through my work with my clients, I have found that behind many health conditions is a lack of self-love. And when we address this lack and embrace the beauty of who we truly are we go through some truly profound healing, both mentally and physically. I have seen energy and vitality substantially increase, relationships improve, pain slip away, disease in the body leave, passion and purpose shine through, finances flourish and not only how we feel about our bodies dramatically improve but even changes in the way our body looks and feels follow suit, just from addressing our love of our self.

First Aid Kit by Faith Canter

As the queen of self-loathers I am proud to say I no longer rule those lands! Instead I love who I am, I love the body I’m in and I love the life I live! How did I achieve this?

By incorporating the following into my daily life…


Surrender Meditation

Surrendering Meditation

I started meditating on surrendering to who I am, rather than fighting myself and my life. Fighting was exhausting and wasted so much time and energy and of course was completely pointless and made me miserable. So I started to practice surrendering to who I am and what that day would bring. I was surprised by how much energy I got back just from this small shift.



The Body’s Invitations to Heal

I started to realise that the things I thought were wrong in my body were really invitations for me to heal. They were the body speaking to me and saying something was out of balance. So I started to find ways to listen to my body and resolve what it was inviting me to heal. My body wasn’t against me, who knew!?

self love

Loving What’s Within

I started exploring and celebrating how truly incredible the workings of my body really were.



Allowing yourself time

Allowing Time

I started allowing time in my life for more things that brought me peace, joy and love. Instead of distracting myself with things that didn’t so that I wouldn’t think about how crappy I perceived me and my life to be.


Being Present

Being Present:

I practiced being in a place of total awareness, being present in the moment, rather than off thinking about the past or the future.




I practiced forgiving people who I believed had wronged me, but most importantly I started practicing forgiving myself for ways in which I felt I had wrong myself and others.



I realised that my body and mind had been trying to protect me, not from the bad things that had happened to me, but for the way I treated and talked about myself. So, I started practicing a more nourishing way of interacting with myself. This included letting go of my judge-o-meter!
Connectedness – I started allow myself to connect with my body, other people and nature. As human beings one of our main needs is to connect and when we become disconnected to our bodies, other people and the planet it’s much easier to do bad things to all of these as it’s hard for us to associated with them.

Look Within

Look Within

I started listening to my heart instead of my head. I would do heart centred meditations and drop into my heart whenever I was unsure or out of sorts. I found that working from the heart, rather than the head I became happier, more inspired, more creative, more energised and I did things based on how they made me feel rather than what I ‘thought’ was best.

Adding Value

Adding Value

I started writing down three ways in which I had added value to the World that day. And if I was struggling with one particular area of my life then I would make sure that one of those values was something to do with that. This could be things like ‘I helped that person at work sort the fax machine out’ or ‘I gave a homeless person some money’ or ‘even though a family member has been doing my head in about this one thing I have been able to help them with this and no one else did or could’. This practice is so important and makes you realise how much value you add to the World.

A life of Celebrations – I started celebrating everything I could in each and every day and I quickly found there was even more to celebrate when I looked at my days this way.

Letting go of fear

Letting Go of Fear

Everything in my life was happening to help me wake up, to stop me simply surviving, but to help me thrive. The sooner I realised this the easier it was to let go, move and on and grow.


Depression and combatting the blues

The Blue’s

I created a healthy harmonious first aid kit for when I was a little low. It’s simply a list of things that I might have let slip or that I know help me when I’m low. When I refer to this list it quickly nips any self-doubt in the bud and I move on.

I soon realised when I started practicing the above regularly, that I was then able to make more nourishing and nurturing choices for myself. I started drinking more water, eating a better breakfasts, cutting out sugars and alcohol, wanting to meditate and exercise more and this just snowballed from then on. I hadn’t realised how much my disconnection and disrespect of my body had impacted on my lifestyle choices.

Is it impacting yours? If you even have the slightest feeling it is then try the above for at least 28 days and see how you feel at the end! It doesn’t cost anything, takes little time and is just about creating new healthy and happy habits, what have you really got to lose?

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