27th Sept 2016: Terence Sawyers Presents Films and Discussion; The Music Box (1932) and La Jetée (1962)

Come along to The Brassmonkey on Drummond Street at 6.30pm for two films and a discussion.  About Film is a monthly film night, we show a film and then have a group discussion afterwards. Everyone is invited to participate and no prior knowledge is required. It is not necessary to ‘book’ a place as the event will be open to all, but committing to coming will give us a heads-up about numbers.


The Films: The Music Box (1932) and La Jetée (1962)

Two films from very different cinematic traditions. Two films about characters trapped in time, obliged to repeat their own history over and over.
Laurel and Hardy’s The Music Box sees the pair try their hand at piano delivery with the disastrous consequences we come to expect whenever they work together. Their Sisyphean ordeal sees them, and the eponymous piano, returned time and again to the bottom of a long stair case.
Chris Marker’s La Jetée is made up of still photographs and tells the story of a post-apocalyptic time-traveller. The ability to travel through time is connected in some way to a violent incident witnessed on the jetty (jetée) at Orly Airport. In order to save the future, he will have to overcome the past.

The Discussion

As a group we will tackle the murky topic of Originality, looking at how this relates to these films and also our own appreciation of media and art. What does it mean to say that something is an original or a copy, and is it true that the original is always better? We will get a chance to talk about adaptation, reference and, if we are really brave, Post-Modernism!

The venue: Brass Monkey, Drummond Street

The Brass Monkey is a venue that loves cinema, with film posters adorning the walls and a cinema room in the back. There is no entrance fee and the bar is well supplied with liquor, hot drinks and snacks (including sandwiches). There is no wheelchair access, sorry. If anyone has any concerns about access or facilities don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can give some advice. The cinema room has a small number of hardback chairs but is mostly filled with large sofas, ideal for lounging. You can bring along your own snacks, but no hot food.

We look forward to seeing you.