26th June 2017: Manchester Sound(s); Silent Notes From the Past by Dominique Tessier

Come along to The Castle Hotel (66 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE) from 7pm. Come along for a bite of food, a chance to socialise and a talk about the history and sounds of Manchester…


Title of Talk:

Manchester Sound(s); Silent Notes From the Past by Dominique Tessier


GB. England. Manchester. Moss Side. 1972.
GB. England. Manchester. Moss Side. 1972.

Following on from my Ragged talk on Manchester History where I explored the Mancunian branches of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron’s family tree, I’m turning my local history attentions to a musical history of Manchester, reflecting on the roots and compositions of Manchester Sound(s) and the silent notes of the past..
My approach to history usually depicts known events, within a local context making references usually left obscure by other historians, and often telling us of relatively unknown men and women in local history. I do this primarily using unexpected familiar or every day items and objects found in local and international collections. This spirit will characterize my Ragged talk.

As the founder and curator of Cafe Historique, I work with academics and at grass roots level to uncover multi-faceted hidden histories.

The following quote by Keith Jenkins is one that inspires my work


“History is a shifting, problematic discourse, ostensibly about an aspect of the world, the past, that is produced by a group of present-minded workers (overwhelmingly in our culture salaried historians) who go about their work in mutually recognisable ways that are epistemologically, methodologically, ideologically + practically positioned + whose products, once in circulation, are subject to a series of uses + abuses that are logically infinite but which in actuality generally correspond to a range of power bases that exist at any given moment + which structure + distribute the meanings of histories along a dominant-marginal spectrum”. Keith Jenkins: Re-Thinking History (1991)