14th March 2018: Mood Hacker – Feelings, Emotions and Moods (what are they, how do they work, and how you can manage them better) by Leon Paterson

Come along to Cabaret Voltaire (36-38 Blair St, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR), doors open at 6.30pm and the talk starts from 7pm. Come along for a bite of food, a chance to socialise and learn how to be a mood hacker…


Title of talk:

Mood hacker – Feelings, emotions and moods (what are they, how do they work, and how you can manage them better)


mood hacker

Bullet points of what I would like to talk about:

  • Myths around feelings, emotions and moods debunked.
  • Learn how feelings and emotions work and how to work them better.
  • How to begin to become a mood hacker.
  • Feelings – physical, sensations
  • Emotions – evaluative, cognitive
  • Moods – contextual, emergent


A few paragraphs on my subject:

The pace of change in a rapidly developing world is happening so quickly. Keeping up to date and managing the feelings needed to be able to adapt and develop can be very challenging. Pleasure, joy, happiness are some of the wide range of feelings which enrich our lives. These positive feelings are what people naturally move towards, not knowing that sometimes so called ‘bad feelings’ are necessary and also enrich our lives. If you break your toe the feelings of pain alert you to seek medical help.
Something similar happens in feelings where emotions of fear or anxiety alert us to a potential threat. If a student has an exam in a few days and hasn’t done any revision. The feelings of discomfort alert her to the threat of failing her exam. They are useful and can get us activated, but can be uncomfortable. They are labelled ‘bad feelings’ and much of the personal psychology self help books go to great lengths to avoid them.
Everyday there seems to be a new self help book espousing the latest elixir of eternal happiness. Most of these are written by journalists or psychologists who have not fully tested out the limitations of their self help model. They are one trick ponies who claim to have the answer to all of your problems in a few hundred pages or less.
Of all these books there is very little of any significance on how emotions, feelings and moods actually work. Luckily here in Scotland the leading research in behavioural science has produced models which can help us fully understand and manage our feelings and emotions. They are made accessible and attainable to all, not by going out to scam people, but aiming to educate and facilitate personal development.
The latest in behavioural modelling science leads the way in accurately understanding how feelings/emotions/moods work. We now understand the important role feelings have in keeping us safe and getting us activated. We now know that emotions aren’t something that switches on or off, that we can vary, alter and decrease/increase them when managed well. But don’t take my word for it. Come along to this interactive event and take an opportunity to try out for yourself the latest scientific technology in moods, feeling and emotions.

A few paragraphs about me

I am the lead systemic psychotherapist and development life coach/trainer at Changease. With  over 10 years experience training and practicing in developmental behavioural modelling. I have transformed my life through learning to use and manage not just feelings/emotions/moods. But a whole range of models and transformative techniques some of which I will share with you at this event.
Expect an interactive experience, giving you the the opportunity to try out some techniques for helping you get in touch with your feelings, improving your emotions. And taking the first steps in becoming a mood hacker.

What free internet knowledge resources would you recommend to others if they wish to explore your chosen theme further?

Leader in the field of developmental behavioural modelling – http://sensorysystems.co.uk/ courses/4389/
Something to get you in the mood – https://www.raggeduniversity. co.uk/2018/02/14/feelings-and- emotions-are-an-essential- part-of-our-everyday- experience-so-why-do-so-many- modern-therapies-try-to-get- rid-of-so-called-bad-feelings- by-leon-paterson/

What are your weblinks?

Website – changease.co.uk

Facebook – www.facebook.com/changease.co. uk/

Public Email – [email protected]