10th July 2018: Autism; The Plot Against Consciousness, Cognition and Language by Mike McInnes

Key in a deliberative society is the opportunity to gather in public spaces and discuss ideas. For the first time in eight years of organising events where people share their perspectives in social spaces and discussion is fostered through friendly proximity, where I as a coordinator have had to cancel an event.

Aluminium in vaccines

Instead of the advertised talk by Mike McInnes, those interested to meet and discuss what has taken place are welcome to come along to Scott’s Monument at 7pm sharp where we will go on to somewhere for a cup of coffee and conversation.

This is due to a talk offered on Autism and excipients (everything which is not the active ingredient of the medicine) in vaccines meeting with disapproval of the discussion taking place by certain members of the public. Someone felt that the event should not take place and that the discussion should not be allowed to take place in a public space as it was irresponsible.

The first venue where it was scheduled to take place was the Lighthouse Bookshop and they were approached and asked not to host the talk. Then one of the owners got in touch and said that they were not interested in hosting the discussion. As the coordinator, and having had a large number of conversations surrounding this it took a while investigating the subject matter, I sought another space to hold the event.

After booking St John’s church community hall, the person who objected to the event at the bookshop then contacted the church hall explaining their dislike for what was happening. Someone got in touch and declined the event from taking place on the grounds that he felt it might encourage people not to vaccinate.

All these things took place in the absence of any discussion, any prior communication and without any right to reply with either the speaker of the event (Mike McInnes) or the person who arranged the event (Alex Dunedin). This is unfortunate as it would have been much better to find out the objections and work through a co-enquiry about the issues (which will hopefully yet emerge).

At least two things are going on here. One which is of great interest medically and scientifically, and another which is of great interest sociologically, which warrant being examined here. Surrounding these we have larger issues of magnitude pertaining to what education and learning necessarily involve, as well as the issues of ethics which I believe should be both our means and ends.

With regards to the venues chosing not to host the talk, the view I take is that each Ragged University event is a situation where a community of individuals are gathering together in a shared space.
The Lighthouse Bookshop and St Johns church community hall are both rich, important and vibrant social spaces supporting a range of communities.  The relationship I have with venues, and more specifically, with the individuals involved in running them is very important.  I respect their decisions.
Little of the Ragged University project is possible without the generous and kind support of places like the Lighthouse Bookshop and St Johns.  Conscientious of the values which they hold they have chosen not to host the talk as it made them uncomfortable; I respect them.  As an alternative the Lighthouse Bookshop have arranged another event which people are welcome to engage in as well:

AMASE will be holding an Autism and Neurodivergent Workshop

10th July 2018 @ 7:30 pm

The Lighthouse Bookshop

43-45 W Nicolson St, Edinburgh



To read more about the thinking which informs the discussion and principles in action around this event please read through the following.  A social enquiry process is now being formulated:


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The resultant discussion which has happened around this topic is important and in response all the issues are being examined in public, in a shared way.  Nothing has been censured and open dialogue has been encouraged at all times.

Respecting difference and plurality has been placed central to all the happenings and people consulted before, during and after the event.  The outcome has been an elaborate accounting of what has taken place and the outsetting on a social enquiry examining the science of the subject and the philosophy of science which pertains to how arguments are laid out.

All of this takes time and I thank everyone for their patience as the work is done.  Answering everyone at once is impossible, particularly with a community project based on volunteering and without resources, however, the queries which everyone has raised will be responded to over time.  This project is about thinking through things and keeping an open house.

I hope that people can respect that, should what individuals offer sit within the law and the ethos of human rights, there will not be the practice no-platforming taking place; a civilisation should be equipped with what it takes to openly examine issues around which manifests a divide in perpectives…


Best wishes,

Alex Dunedin (Coordinator)


Title of talk:

Autism: The Plot Against Consciousness, Cognition and Language by Mike McInnes

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

For the first time in our evolutionary history children in colossal numbers are non-linguistic – around 35 million today and rising. Autism is a preventable condition caused by two principles – sugars in foetus and later, if that is not sufficient, by aluminium in vaccines – see Q/A below:
Autism exits only because the health establishment opted for the view (in 1973) that fats are toxic and sugars benign. The result was an explosion of diabetes/obesity/dementia – all of which are driven by the same mechanism – sugar suppression of glutamine synthetase – the enzyme that drives glucose into the brain – the hungry brain upgrades the appetite hormones and the cycle repeats…..endlessly……the more we eat the hungrier we become…
The role of the health establishment in this tragedy has been hidden for more than half a century. As diabetes/obesity/dementia exploded across the western world – a new condition appeared as if from nowhere – previously unknown in history – autism – it tracked these other conditions – but seemed initially not to be directly related. In 2011 Michael Stern at Texas University showed that foetal insulin was the key factor – this was particularly illuminating because it showed that maternal sugars were the driving influence.
The conclusion from this (not made by Michael Stern – he identified the pathway)) is that glutamine synthetase is key – in other words the foetal brain was damaged before the infant emerges from the womb. In the few cases where glutamine synthetase is genetically compromised, the infant emerges with a scrambled brain, and lasts but a few days – we are inflicting the suppression of this enzyme in foetus – and later post-birth on children/juveniles/adults/elderly every day in life.
The health authorities (with the help of the media) scratch their heads and knit their brows and mumble absolute rubbish that autism is a complex disease – oh no it is not – every metabolic disease is complex and affects many pathways/hormones/enzymes/receptors/genes and so on – but the initiating influence here is stunningly simple – the prevention of energy entering the brain – the complexity is downstream from the cause!
Some scientists claim the genes are involved – yes they are – how could they not be – but that is a total diversionary tactic to hide the truth – there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic – however environmental activated epigenetics can influence entire populations in one or two generations – such as a radioactive cloud – genetic mutations take thousands of generations to spread in a given population.
There are 40,000 studies on autism – not one has been able to identify why boys are four times at greater risk than girls – but if you understand that autism is a sugar driven condition (which it is) – it is easy to explain the differential – girls are protected by oestrogens – they process sugars much more efficiently than do boys.

A few paragraphs on your subject:

  1. What if historically aluminium had never been tested for neurotoxicity in vaccines?  Yes – it was not.
  2. What if historically aluminium in vaccines had only ever been tested for its immune stimulating function?  Yes it was so.
  3. What if the BMA attack on Dr Andrew Wakefield was a stitch up? Yes – it was.
  4. What if countless thousands of mothers who observed their child being brain damaged by a vaccine were/are telling the truth?  Yes – they were/are.
  5. What if the exponential rate of increased autism means that one in two boys will be autistic by 2050?  Yes – it will be so.
  6. What if one in four boys will be non-verbal by 2050?  Yes – they will.
  7. What if maternal sugars in foetus are suppressing glutamine synthetase – the enzyme of consciousness/cognition and language?  Yes – they are.
  8. What if millions of children are already primed for autism (undiagnosed) in foetus, and are later further brain injured by aluminium in vaccines?  Yes – they are.
  9. What if scientists, such as the group at Keele University, who found high levels of aluminium in autistic children’s brains, and the group at Warwick University, who found toxic sugar end products are diagnostic for autism, are frightened to expose the conspiracy of silence by the vaccine manufacturers, governments, and the media?  Yes – they are.  They are terrified.
  10. What if the vaccine manufacturers were/are indemnified by the US tax dollars paid out for vaccine injury to the tune of $4 Billion, by a hidden Special Vaccine Court?  Yes – they were/are.
  11. What if a decent scientist at the Center for Disease Control (Dr William Thompson) exposed data falsification at CDC, regarding the MMR vaccine causing autism.  Yes – he did.
  12. What if the double brain injury via sugars and aluminium before children reach school age, is directly correlated to the major increase in childhood mental health disorders?  Yes – It is so, how could it not be?
  13. What if the continued increased consumption of sugars by children/juveniles/adults/elderly results in dementia/Alzheimer’s disease – considering that sugars suppress the enzyme of consciousness/cognition and language – and that only a small proportion of Alzheimer’s patients express the gene ApoE4?  Yes – it is clearly so.
  14. What if the accusation that mothers who are opposed to aluminium in vaccines are not anti-vaccine (as the vaccine manufacturers constantly claim) – but only anti-unsafe vaccinations?  Yes – the accusation is patently false and that is exactly the case – these mothers are intelligent and caring and would not make such a stupid claim.


A few paragraphs about you:

I am retired pharmacist who is interested in cerebral energy metabolism and its modern sugar driven impairments. I recently found that aluminium activates the same toxic (glutamate) pathway in the brain that sugars do.