The Pornography of Benefits Street; Comments on Classificatory Struggles: Class, Culture and Inequality in Neoliberal Times by Prof Sarah Green

Professor Sarah Green works in Helsinki, having moved from Manchester last August to the faculty of Social Sciences to teach and do research on Social and Cultural Anthropology. Green’s field of study, borders and border dynamics has led her to question old theories on the matter. Green sees borders more as a phenomenon that is in the minds and realities of the people who move and stay put. “I prefer to talk about interfaces rather than borders,” she says.
Here are her comments on Imogen Tyler’s Keynote lecture “Classificatory Struggles: Class, Culture and Inequality in Neoliberal Times” which was given as the Annual Lecture for The Sociological Review on 20 February 2015. She was one of the guest speakers and reflected the importance of the content:
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