Call For People Who Know About Depression: Tortoise In A Shell

We are looking for people to help us create the show we are looking to connect with experts, people who have lived with depression and people who might have supported another person who is living with depression. We would like to share the piece with a small group throughout the process – helping to shape the story and the show to ensure it remains truthful to people’s experience of depression and resonates with people who may be experiencing similar situations. Read more…

A Perspective on Depression by Cathy Frank

As the only daughter of two estranged German Jewish immigrants, whose mother stood by and watched her own distraught mother attempt to take her own life, soon after their arrival in N.Y.C. Is it any wonder that I followed my mother’s adolesent sudden descent into madness?

Grandmother, mother and daughter…. three generations of Manic-Depression; my two brothers and half brother free of any psychosocial malady.

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Ragged University