Putting Ragged Music Into Action

The Ragged project has been formed of the people who have got involved, bringing their ideas, wants and needs to be realised over time, in and through a like-minded community.

At one point four musicians asked where music fitted with the project and they were told that it would fit wherever and however they made it fit.  The result was the groundwork of Ragged Music which was particularly headed up by Dan Zambas and Gary Boast. Read more…

Bands Brought Together To Play At The Peartree Stage July 2014

In July 2014 Ragged Uni teamed up with Edinburgh Fringe Live and the Peartree to put on a small music festival where bands played, got live streamed and the crowd put what money they could into a hat.  It was all done on a voluntary basis and the idea was to explore what could be done for zero budget to promote local bands and hopefully put a few quid into their hands.  It was a success and many bands played, people enjoyed themselves and reached into their pockets to give a few quid, also they were live streamed.
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