Ragged University Collaboration with Edinburgh Fringe Live

Edinburgh Fringe Live is a local initiative to bring the street acts of the Edinburgh Fringe to the world through the power of the Internet. Ragged University has teamed up with Edinburgh Fringe Live to bring free media teaching around acts that are being staged in the Peartree Garden stage in the month of July



Edinburgh Fringe Live is the vision of Derek Howden, who saw the possibilities and the advantages of using the free tools provided by YouTube, Google+ and Hangouts to live stream the live street acts to the world via the internet. Gus Bulloch, another fan of the life of the Edinburgh Fringe, joined with Derek to form Edinburgh Fringe Live in 2013.


By going out on the streets and filming the talent, the performing groups, the comedy and music shows at the Fringe, they built the website and created a free grassroots media network to promote what was going on. This is the second year of bringing you the Edinburgh Fringe Live to YouTube and by teaming up with Ragged University, the plan is to give people the opportunity to learn media skills in real life situations.


George Fyvie, manager of the Peartree, offered the use of a stage in the garden to support all the acts which normally dont get the chances to play in the Edinburgh International Arts Festival due to the costs involved.  A popular patron of the music and arts community, he has regularly fostered community organisations such as Ragged University over the years.


Our aim is to keep this project as simple as possible and our main activities are going to be around a live broadcast everyday at Peartree. It’s our way of checking in with you to bring the latest and greatest from what we are up to. You are invited to come along on any of the days and support us filming and get to know everyone and learn how to use the technology yourselves.


We are creating online courses, workshops and giving one to one tuition as it is needed. By the end of July, those who have engaged should be able to use their own technology to live stream, podcast, set up a website and use social media.  Bands, acts and artists should have materials which they can use to showcase what they do.


Come along and don’t be shy, we would love to meet you.