Recollections of John Pounds: When Mr. Lemmon went on a School Ramble by Reverend Henry Hawkes

“Mr. Lemmon, did you ever go with him on any of these pleasant rambles?” – “Once, seven or eight years ago; I can’t say exactly what year. It was in the spring of the year; in the merry month of May! as Johnny likes to call it. And a very pleasant day’s ramble it was. I remember it all as clear as if it was yesterday. And many’s the time I’ve thought of it with pleasure since.” Read more…

29th Nov 2012: Unravelling Humpback Whale Behaviour by Dr Alison Craig

humpback whale

29th Nov 2012: Edinburgh; Unravelling the Mysteries of Humpback Whale Behaviour by Dr Alison Craig; Music by The Broken Boy: all welcome 7 till 10 pm at the Counting House

Name of speaker and subject:

Dr Alison Craig.

Title of talk:

Unravelling the Mysteries of Humpback Whale Behaviour

What you would like to cover:

Humpback whales are 45 tonne giants that live most of their lives below the waves, out of sight of humans.  While some mysteries remain, since the mid-1970s scientists have been studying these animals and gradually piecing together the story of how they live their lives. In this talk I will share some of what we’ve learned about humpback whale behaviour over the years.
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