The Story of the New Ragged Website

Having just gone through ten days of social media and web training in London, it is now a pleasure to announce the coming of the new website. When Scott Porter (Digital Engine) fell ill with Myeloid Leukemia, we were presented with some problems for the Ragged project.  One, how can we return all the support and goodwill that Scott has gifted to keep the Ragged virtual presence up-to-date and reaching people.  Two, how to rearrange someone to replace this vital area of voluntary support to the Ragged project.



Problem number one: even though Scott arranged to continue supporting the website, at this point the lighter we could make the work load, the better. A whip around will be made to see how much money can be found to pay for some of the work he gifted to the project as a small business.  The good news is that the doctors are all rallying round him with the best modern medicine has to offer – We are all wishing the best for this coming time.


The solution to problem number two came from Anthony Ellis.  Whilst delivering events in the 2011 Edinburgh International Arts Festival last year, we worked alongside Leith On The Fringe at Out of the Blue Drillhall.  Over the month, everyone was run off their feet making sure that so many shows came together on time in the right place.I met Anthony there and quickly established that he needed plenty of coffee, the occasional cheese roll and some thanks.  He single handed handled did all the web developing and management for the whole operation including guests.


This was amazing to watch and made a major contribution to the success of the Ragged in the festival in 2011, but it also underpinned not only Leith on the Fringe and all the production companies which came through the venue! It was great to meet him and watch as he plied his trade relentlessly.  Over the festival we became friends talking about what social projects could do and picking over the technology available.  So much has passed in conversation since then, he has turned out to be a good friend and boon to the project.


When he heard about the unfortunate situation with Scott he said that he would rebuild the Ragged website and train me in social media –  this was a blessing which could not be turned down.  With the new functionality and social spaces that are being built into the online presence, he has helped propel the project forward.  Here is a great example of exactly how the idea has managed to exist – people doing what they can, when they can.


leith on the fringe

Some new features which are discussed: Regular Twitters about day to day activity, regular Facebook activity, an events management system integrated with Meetup, a comments system, a planned wikispace/creative space, a questions and answers forum, newsfeeds, and more…


All the back catalogue of work is going to be put online so that the numerous past events can be read about, 14 podcasts can be listened, over 100 gigs of film is to be edited and put online, various hand out’s and articles written by speakers are to be transcribed and the background of the project is going to be made public domain (from legal status to correspondence).  As well as this, a more detailed insight into the people who have delivered the project shall be put online for those who have been following Ragged.


Please bear with the process of building the website environment – it is busy this end of voluntary…



The core aims of the Ragged website are to:

  1. Bring together and highlight free and open access online resources for learning communities
  2. Highlight free learning and arts events open to everyone without need to login to a website
  3. Act as a noticeboard for those who put on a Ragged University event in their area
  4. Provide a free and open platform to share work and connect with a wider audience
  5. To underpin learning ‘in the round’ focusing on opening new opportunity
  6. To facilitate individuals and groups achieving their aims through knowledge sharing


So here’s to Scott and Anthony – cheers.  Good news on Scott, the doc’s seem to have patched him up !  The evolution of the website has gone from Will to Liz to Scott to Anthony and there is an effective Content Management System now.

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